Signet Jewelers – Still Not Getting Consumer Concerns.

Last week, you will recall Virginia Drosos, CEO of Signet [...]

Fairtrade Gold Uganda – The Impossible made Possible.

So proud of what Environmental Women for Action and Development [...]

Recycled Gold Jewelry – How ethical is it really?

The gap between fact and fiction, ethical claim and counter claim in the jewelry profession can be very confusing for the conscientious jewelry customer. In this article, award winning ethical and Fair Trade jewelers Marc Choyt and Greg Valerio bring their pioneering experience and wisdom to the question, 'Does buying recycled gold jewellery make a social and environmental difference to our world?'

I am a Heretical Jeweller.

Breaking with the convential marketing narrative in jewellery is not easy. Describing himself as a heretical jeweller, Greg Valerio explains why the ethical jewellery movement must shun convention and invest itself into truth telling.

Slavery – No jeweller wants to talk about this.

In this video blog Greg Valerio discusses the horrendous practice of slavery and its every present spectre in the jewellery supply chain. Fairtrade Gold and it's verifiable supply chain offers a very positive life affirming way we can all express our commitment to a jewel that is slave free.


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