Slavery – No jeweller wants to talk about this.

In this video blog Greg Valerio discusses the horrendous practice of slavery and its every present spectre in the jewellery supply chain. Fairtrade Gold and it's verifiable supply chain offers a very positive life affirming way we can all express our commitment to a jewel that is slave free.

Mercury Free Gold – Let’s go ecological.

In this blog post ethical jeweller Greg Valerio talks about his vision for an Eco-friendly gold source from Uganda. Working in partnership with Ugandan gold mining communities, Fairtrade Africa and the CRED Foundation his vision is for all Valerio Jewellery to be sourced according to Fairtrade Ecological standards. This means mercury free gold, which in turn means women can work without risks to their children and their environment.

Valerio calls on Church to transform UK Wedding Ring market

In this article Greg Valerio, the British ethical jeweller and activist explains why the Church is the key to turning the jewellery market upside down through Fairtrade Gold wedding rings.

Valerio Jewellery – The Adventure Continues.

Valerio Jewellery is an online ethical fair trade jewellery brand it will offer classic, primal and contemporary designed luxury jewellery made from the most socially conscious, environmentally responsible and desirable metals and gems on the planet.


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