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The Chanctonbury Ring is a limited edition (250) 3mm or 5mm, his or hers, hand carved and cast Fairtrade Silver ring with an oxidised finish. It comes with an 18″ silver belcher chain so it can be worn on the finger or around the neck. A symbol of our human commitment to seeing our world and local environments preserved, nurtured and restored to their original beauty. All profits (after costs) will be donated to the Society St Columba (registered charity 1160486) for the rebuilding and restoration of the old cattle barn into the community based environmental education and action centre.

Why The Chanctonbury Ring?

The creation of the Chanctonbury Ring is a convergence of a number of my passions. Talismanic ethical fairtrade jewellery, environmental justice, community based education and Celtic Christian spirituality. How you Spend Controls what Happens on the Planet was a t-shirt slogan the British fashionista Katharine Hamnett created for me back in the late 90’s, when I was running CRED Foundation. There has never been a more pertinent observation for our current climatic situation. The idea came at dawn prayers on Celtic Easter morning atop the ancient neolithic stronghold of Chanctonbury Ring. This iconic liminal place on an ancient pilgrimage route, now called the South Downs Way, has always been a spiritual destination for me since childhood. A place I am now privileged to be able to call home.

Celtic Easter Morning montage 2019

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

Over the years as I have worked as a Fairtrade jeweller and community activist, I have collected the residue of refined gold that has come from the certified Fairtrade Gold mines. This residue, when re-refined, is Fairtrade Silver. What better way to use these kilos of silver, than to create a limited edition ring, profits of which will go directly to the restoration of The Society St Columba’s Celtic Education Centre (Community Education Learning Training and Innovation Centre).

The urgency of tackling the climate chaos that is now enveloping our beautiful world is an urgent CALL TO ACTION. As a jeweller, I witness how large scale mining destroys entire ecosystems and displaces resident communities. I witness small-scale miners using mercury to process gold, oblivious to the toxic impact mercury has to human health and ecosystems. I currently work alongside communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have been devastated by the ongoing mineral funded conflicts of the region. The legacy of ethical jewellery must be greater than just the jewellery itself.

The Society of St Columba at Chanctonbury has a vision for an ecologically biodiverse and sustainable community farm. St Columba’s Farm is all about investing into a model of community-based living here in England. They have taken on a derelict heritage cattle farm and outbuildings and through prayer, work and education have set about restoring the farm, the land and the wildlife to a thriving integrated ecosystem. The Celtic Education Centre is the education hub of this vision. Education is best served up as an experience, and in a restored centre where school kids, communities groups, and interested parties can come and learn about how we can restore our beautiful local environments and world to their original glory. People will learn the theory, the issues, the facts and figures of climate change and the challenges we face as local communities. They will have the opportunity to put into practice what they learn by getting their hands dirty. Discover more of the work here. An education centre dedicated to truth-telling and practical experiential learning is a legacy worth investing into.

To order the Chanctonbury Ring in support the building of this eco-education centre please click here 

Thank you in advance for buying one of these rings. Together we create a legacy of ecological restoration by investing this knowledge and know-how into the practical transformation of our neighbourhoods.

Greg Valerio MBE


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