A guide to buying an ethical wedding ring from Valerio Jewellery.

Once you have popped the question, the date is set and the caterers are booked your attention will surely turn to the wedding rings. Our guess is, if you are perusing Valerio Jewellery website, you are looking for an ethical wedding ring that says as much about how much you care for the world around you and the people in it as it does about your dedication to your intended.


Four claw solitaire diamond engagement with matching grain set wedding band. At Valerio Jewellery only the finest ethical sources are used to create such beautiful moments.

There is so much to consider when choosing the right wedding ring, for her or for him. Should you match it to their ethical engagement ring? Should you choose something classic or contemporary? Should you spend more or less than you did on the engagement ring? Here are the answers to these questions and more:

Ten Top Tips when buying an Ethical Wedding Ring

  1.  Set out early – Do not underestimate how long it can take to find the perfect wedding ring and leave it until the last minute. You will need to plan ahead, leaving plenty of time to think carefully about what you really want and to allow for the making of bespoke jewellery and resizing of ready-made pieces, as necessary. When ordering a special piece from Valerio Jewellery’s ethical wedding ring collection, you are advised to leave a lead-time of at least two weeks to allow creation and delivery and avoid disappointment.
  2. Set a budget – As with buying an engagement ring, disregard out-dated traditions concerning how much you should spend and concentrate on what you can While this is an important piece of jewellery that you should see an investment and a legacy, you should be comfortable with how much you are spending as there is no point in starting your married life already consumed by debt. Do not be fooled into thinking that a Fairtrade wedding ring will automatically mean more expense, remember you get what you pay for and you cannot put a price on happiness – yours or that of Fairtrade workers!
  3. Mix your styles – Whether you choose to contrast the style of your wedding ring with your partner’s bridal jewellery or choose her a Fairtrade wedding band that is rose gold to sit alongside her white gold engagement ring, as long as the rings fit side-by-side and symbolise your union as you wish, why not create your own unique style which emanates your special kind of love? Blending metals is on-trend and Valerio Jewellery is currently the only ethical jewellery brand that offers dual tone Fairtrade wedding rings. Whatever you choose, make sure it is timeless and stunning!
  4. Match your styles – While some choose to shop for their wedding rings at the same time as they shop for their engagement rings to make sure they complement one another and sit well together, others will opt to go elsewhere and have a different jewellery designer create something new and individual yet in-keeping or specially shaped. When you come to Valerio Jewellery, we can either advise you on coordinating rings or create a bespoke ethical wedding ring to suit your exact requirements, it is entirely up to you.


    Love conquers all and nothing symbolises this better than Fairtrade wedding rings.

  5. Think outside the box – Maybe you are someone who has always seen yourself wearing a classic Fairtrade yellow gold wedding ring and you pictured the same for your partner. Our advice is, when shopping for the perfect Fairtrade wedding ring, never rule anything out. Perhaps look at styles and colours you would not have considered “your taste” before. Perhaps go to a few shops and see what metals flatter your skin tone. Perhaps consider having a wedding band set with non-conflict diamonds or featuring a beautiful beaded effect.
  6. Think jewellery care – Buying a wedding ring crafted from solid Fairtrade gold is going to save you good time and money where jewellery care is concerned. As long as you respect our general jewellery care advice, because your white gold or rose gold Valerio Jewellery wedding ring will not contain plating, it will retain its stunning colour and finish longer. To keep it clean and shiny, just buff it regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Our conflict-free diamond set wedding rings may require some careful attention to the stones too.
  7. Get the right fit – There are ring size charts you can print off online and general ring gauges you can “try on for size” but the best way to guarantee the perfect fit, when ordering a Fairtrade wedding ring online, is to go to a shop and try on a ring that is similar in width and style. However, if you order a wedding ring from Valerio Jewellery and you would like the size altered we offer a free re-sizing service too. Contact us for more information.
  8. Get lifestyle friendly – When looking at styles and materials, remember you (or your partner) will be wearing a wedding ring all day, every day. Those who have jobs that require constant use of their hands and need to minimise snagging may opt for a classic court shaped wedding band, which is lightly rounded on the inside as well as the outside for a snug fit. While anyone working in an environment where their wedding ring is prone to scratching, might choose a design of a hardy nature which includes diamonds.
  9. Quality control – Any of Valerio Jewellery weddings rings set with conflict-free diamonds (CanadaMark™ or Botswana sources) of over 0.20cts will come with a certificate to show authenticity and transparency of source. Our ethical wedding bands also feature a hallmark according to the type and purity of gold used (either 14k or 18k). Inside the band, the Fairtrade symbol and the Valerio Jewellery brand symbol will also feature as a mark of pure quality.

    Women miners in Uganda struggle to make a daily crust.

    Women miners in Uganda struggle to make a daily crust. The Fairtrade Gold reLOVEution makes a powerful statement for them as well.

  10. Choose Fairtrade – Did you know that artisanal and small-scale miners make up 90% of the labour force involved in gold mining and that these miners often work long hours in hazardous conditions? There are a number of reasons why you should choose to buy a Fairtrade gold wedding ring or a Fairtrade silver wedding ring from an ethical jeweller such as Valerio Jewellery including the guarantee of improved health and safety, gender equality, environmental standards, labour standards and fairer prices associated with gold mining.

Look out for our ethical engagement ring buying guide too. It will be published end of May, so do subscribe to our blog to get all the latest hot tips on buying ethical fair trade luxury jewellery. Should you need any more advice about buying the perfect ethical wedding ring or engagement ring, please get in touch with Valerio Jewellery today.