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Moving to Fair Jewellery Action

For sometime now I have been thinking about the future regarding jewellery and also my role as a leading advocate for ethics and fair trade in the sector.

Therefore I have decided to stop blogging at Instead Marc and I have reconstituted The Fair Jewellery Action website, were we will both be putting all our efforts and knowledge.

If you have not signed up to receive info from FJA please do so by visiting and subscribing to our new more informative blog site. It combines all the features of my site, as well as the original Fair Jewelry Action site. We have also introduced a media page for journalists interested in contacting us, as well as a You Tube page Treasures of the Deep for video material we believe is pertinent to a visual understanding of what on earth is going on at source in the jewellery supply chain.

The education materials, the historical archive of articles and interviews all still exist and in the coming months we will be introducing some new projects to our work.

Together we feel we can make more of an impact working as FJA. Also if you are a jeweller who cares about Human Rights and Environmental Justice, please do consider coming on board with FJA and making your contribution through the work we are doing and aspiring to do. We are looking for more voices, more stories and more examples of excellence in practice from the jewellers and miners who make up the MAJORITY of our industry.

Also don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and join the discussion.

Many thanks for following my journey over the years, its been amazing. My prayer is that FJA will continue the pioneering work and continue to change the landscape of jewellery for the common good.

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