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Fracking NO

Dear Banksy,

I have never met you, yet admire your work from afar, I am not even sure you will ever read this post. My prayer is that you will. I believe you to be a prophetic voice in our country for the millions of people who see the world through a lens of common sense, unlike the establishment of our country who only administrate the vested interest of corporate Britain.

Therefore I am inviting you to visit Chichester in West Sussex and help us to protest this new FRACKING bill being proposed to allow fracking of shale gas to take place in West Sussex. Fracking is a highly toxic way of extracting natural gas from under the earth and its environmental credentials are rooted in the pseudo-science of corporate mining companies. What our country truly needs is an integrated sustainability energy policy that places people at the centre of energy creation, not environmentally damaging large-scale mining companies.

It is my belief that Sussex is about to become the battle ground for a FRACKED OFF Britain. Please help us in your own wonderful style to prepare for the up and coming battle.

Yours seriously fracked off.

Greg Valerio
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