Gem A – Mis-information on Board papers.

On Saturday 18 July I received my Board papers from The Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

I read with interest in The Council Statement to Members in regards to Item 4 of the agenda point 3.2 and I quote in reference to CSR courses that had been censored by the Gem A Board

The separate course referred to was established by , and was to be run by , Greg Valerio, one of the nominees for the election to the Council. Mr. Valerio was appointed by James Riley as a consultant, at a fee of £27,600 per annum plus expenses, to advise Gem A on various matters including the building of public profile and commitment to best practice in jewellery supply chain management. Signed by Nigel Israel Chairman.

This paragraph is both factually incorrect, misleading, and simply untrue. The CSR course was in fact written and run by Branded Trust in the full knowledge of the Board, and with members of staff of Gem A fully involved in their implementation. All this took place before my contract with Gem A started.

I consider the inclusion of this mis-information to be deliberate and prejudicial to my candidacy for election to the Board and a clear and malicious attempt by the current board to discredit me to the membership. Any attempt to wriggle their way out of this mis-information through the use of words like ‘error’ or ‘acted in good faith’ need to be seen for what they are, further proof that the truth is not in their mouths.

In a phone call on Monday 20 July,  Nigel Israel admitted to me that this information was incorrect and that he was not sure who wrote that section of the Board paper, he apologized and committed to publishing a full retraction and apology on the Gem A website and to sending out a correction by post. He also agreed to publish the other candidates and nominees who have current contracts with Gem A, as only publishing the confidential details of my contract was an attempt to make it look like I was the only nominee who was receiving funds from Gem A. Again this is untrue.

I have since resigned my contract with Gem A as I can longer afford to be associated with an organisation run by this current Board, who clearly have no integrity, honour or sense of moral purpose.

What is clear is this Board’s words cannot be trusted. They are deliberately misleading the members in order to smear nominees they do not like, and exonerate their cynical and malicious behaviour in regards to the governance of Gem A. Item 3.2 is not the only piece of mis-information and spin included in the Board papers.

As of 15.00 UK time on 23 July, Gem-A Board have still not informed members, either by post or online of their falsehood.

I publish this because the members of Gem A deserve to know the truth of what is going on.

Make sure you vote the right way, time to clean out the old guard who are standing.



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    Gary Seneviratne
    July 24, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Thank you for sharing this Greg.

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