31 October 2016

Valerio Jewellery presents Chloé Valorso’s debut designer ring collection

Pre-History IKON.

In this stunning avant-garde collection of thirteen collectible primal fashion rings, debutant french designer Chloé explores the importance of narrative and challenges the boundaries between real and unreal. Each piece has been sensitively crafted from natural materials drawn from Chloé’s own highly personal commitment to ethical jewellery. The pieces act as amulets that empower the wearer through their compelling symbolic qualities and deep sense of history – an essential component in this innovative interpretation of mythology.

Pre-History IKON 3 Ring Fairtrade Silver £120

Pre-History IKON 3 Ring
Fairtrade Silver

‘To design and create the Pre History IKON collection, I immersed myself in the history of jewellery, going back to the source of adornment and its magical meanings. As a new designer out of Central Saint Martins, the notion of sustainability is at the centre of my thoughts; Thanks to my collaboration with Greg Valerio and the use of Fairtrade precious metals, I am also going back to the source of my materials. Our messages complement and reinforce one another‘ said Chloé.

chloe valorso profile picture

Chloe Valorso

Valerio Jewellery offers only certified Fairtrade Gold and Silver jewellery, accompanied by fully traceable to source gemstones and diamonds. The new designers section of Valerio’s growing international website offers the jewellery loving public the finest young designers using the finest ethical material sources. Greg Valerio – founder of Valerio is excited,

There is no doubt in my mind the future of designer jewellery rest in the hands of ethically uncompromising young designers. For to long the jewellery consumer has been sold an ethically shallow product. I want to see a generation of new designers break free from the pallid luxury convention established by the European heritage brands. The future of jewellery is in the hands of fresh brave designers like Chloe, who rightly put human rights and environmental protection at the heart of the design journey‘.

Chloé’s pre-History IKON collection is available to purchase online exclusively at http://www.valeriojewellery.com/pages/chloe-valorso now. Christmas ordering deadline is 12 December.

Fox Amulet Ring 14k Fairtrade Gold £1730

Fox Amulet Ring
14k Fairtrade Gold

Description of collection.

Created from Fairtrade Silver, 14k and 18k Fairtrade Gold. Each piece is made from solid gold or silver. No expense has been spared in their design and creation. Prices range from £120 in Fairtrade Silver through to the heavy weight 18k Fairtrade White Gold Large Fossil Ring at £3600. Each piece is made to order. The gold and silver is sourced from the Sotrami Fairtrade certified mine in Southern Peru.


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 Notes to Editors.

Valerio Jewellery is the purest jewellery in the world and the eponymous ethical jewellery brand of Greg Valerio MBE.

Launched in 2015 – Valerio Jewellery offers classical bridal, special occasion and designer jewellery created exclusively from Fairtrade certified gold & silver, traceable and conflict free gemstones and diamonds.

Greg Valerio is the original pioneering luxury jeweller, author, public speaker and lecturer on ethics and fair trade in the jewellery profession.

Chloé Valorso is from Paris and graduated from Central St. Martins with a first class honours degree in jewellery design in 2016.

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