Look no further than the EcoChic Collection and twin EcoChic Magazine and online boutique and magazine, a beautiful story. A handpicked collection of the finest ethically sourced jewellery, gifts and accessories. Pure elegance and ethics combined with the best in UK design talent, that is the EcoChic story. Working hand in hand, EcoChic magazine tells the unique, inspiring and life changing stores behind the wonderfully crafted ethically sourced products handpicked for the divinely gorgeous EcoChic Collection.

EcoChic designs, simple yet stylish, luxurious and special, employing traditional skills and primarily organic, natural recycled and fair-trade materials with a contemporary twist. EcoChic combines the best of fresh UK design talent and works exclusively with small producers and promotes other ethical partnerships who take pride in the quality of their workmanship and receive a true living wage in return. These beautiful handcrafted products often use traditional skills and value a business model promoting social change.

Deborah Miarkowska, Creative Director and ethical entrepreneur, launched EcoChic Collection on solid ethical values and the drive to make the world a fairer and more equitable place. The passion driving EcoChic it is to tell the story behind our beautifully crafted items. To give a voice to our supplies, suppliers that range from female cooperatives in Kenya to Leprosy victims in Nepal. And here in the UK. Their ability to create such beautifully crafted products often born out of such difficult circumstances is humbling and awe inspiring.

EcoChic aims to inspire the audience with triumph over adversity, by the support of small collectives and cottage industries the world over. And in so doing to help make real world changes, not just for the artisans behind each product, but to ensure via Fair Trade and working partnerships that the sale of each item will directly benefit the community of origin.

Supporters of Fair Trade and keenly aware of the need to address the root causes of poverty through trade not aid, EcoChic is a pioneer of ethical business in the UK. By partnering with skilled artisans who are dedicated to doing business differently, with transparency and a social purpose beyond profit that respects people and planet. EcoChic demonstrates it is possible to create a business model that can bring about social change from the ground up.

EcoChic Magazine the inspiring green glossy for EcoChic lifestyle lovers.

In early 2009 EcoChic Magazine was a new arrival to the online consumer magazine market and is driven by the desire to be an ambassador for environmental awareness and a promoter of ethical & EcoChic living.

Each day we present an eclectic mix of stylish ethical fashion reviews, eco travel adventures, campaign news and inspiring ideas for stylish EcoChic living. As a reader, you can feel good knowing you are experiencing a wide range of fresh and lively features that celebrate the world’s most committed stylish ethical businesses, people and brands that are dedicated to environmental stewardship, human rights, community growth and social responsibility. Each and every one of our features found in EcoChic Magazine has earnt it’s status, shares our ethical beliefs and is as driven as we are by the desire and commitment to share, give back, bring hope and inspire.

Be beautifully inspired…