‘Keep telling the story’, was an early piece of encouragement I received from Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop. The story of jewellery is a complex blend of aspiration and devastation, opportunity and desolation, love and abstraction. As a fair trade jeweller I am regularly invited to address gatherings large and small on the challenges facing the luxury jewellery trade and how the jewellery buying consumer is the catalyst to transform the jewellery profession.

Greg addressing Gala Dinner in Bristol

Fairtrade Campaigners Gala Dinner in Bristol 2016 – Getting too the truth about jewellery.

So whether you are a jewellery design college or jewellers studio seeking clarity on what is ethical jewellery, a fair trade campaign group wanting to get to the truth of how luxury jewellery impacts the lives of empoverished mining communities, or a university addressing international human rights, environmental issues, corporate social responsibility and how to decode the ‘spin’ in the relationship between luxury jewellery and the mining sector, you may wish to consider booking a lecture or a talk.

One day ethical jewellery seminars.

Ute Decker and myself offer a tailored-made one day training course on ethical jewellery, specifically designed at empowering a new generation of aspirational ethical jewellers who want to be green as well as design gorgeous jewellery.

This course is tailored to meet the challenges faced by designer jewellers. One this course we cover the complex issues of supply chain management for gold, gemstones and diamonds, green studio practices, definitions of ethical, fair trade and conflict minerals and a knowledge based approach of where to source ethically.

To find out about availability and fees please email: